Dosage Forms

DuPont can deliver functional excipients to improve drug formulation and delivery in a variety of dosage forms.


  • Capsules

Our excipients for pharmaceutical capsules include solutions for fillings and coatings.


  • Gums

Our ion exchange resin excipients designed to allow formulators to control the release of drugs in semi-solids including gums.


  • Mucosal Bioadhesives

Excipients for enhanced water solubility, hydrophilicity, hydrogen bonding functionality, and biocompatibility in mucosal and transmucosal drug delivery.


  • Oral Liquid Dosage

Our excipients for oral liquid dosage forms include thickeners, stabilizers, binders, solubilizers, non-alcohol diluents, film-formers and products that help with water retention.


  • Tablets

A broad portfolio of solutions to balance the technical complexity of tablet formulation with the required performance including solutions for tablet coating, tablet binding, taste-masking, enteric coating and controlled release.


  • Topical Applications

Our excipients act as ointment bases and rheology modifiers, and improve the stability of semi-solid dosage forms for topical applications.

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