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Dosage Forms

Offering a wide variety of drug formulation solutions.

Pharma Solutions offers a broad product portfolio of excipients to support manufacturers in the formulation of various pharma solutions – like immediate and controlled release tablets, soft and hard capsules, liquid suspensions and more. Our global team of experts has more than 300 years of experience and knowledge in the pharma space and will help you navigate the nuances associated with formulating high-quality drugs.


  • Capsules

Plant-based ingredients to formulate solid oral dosage forms in an array of capsule sizes.

  • Tablets

Solutions for the formulation of tablets to support manufacturing complexities – OSD processes, functionality and bioavailability.
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  • Suspensions and Solutions

Liquid oral solutions for improved patient experience and compliance with superior taste masking and swallowing properties.

  • Multiparticulates

Deliver miniature doses with massive performance in a variety of release profiles and unique drug form combinations.

  • Other Dosage Forms

Additional dosage form solutions include: dissolving medication strips, thin film drug delivery, topical applications and more.
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