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Beyond Tablets, Capsules, and Liquids


More delivery dosage forms to consider

Oral thin film drug delivery offers fast, accurate dosing without the need of water or measuring devices. These features make mouth dissolving medication strips particularly suitable for pediatrics, geriatrics and others with difficulty swallowing traditional tablets and capsules. Thin film dosages can be generated from a variety of pharmaceutically approved film forming polymers. Selection of an appropriate polymer often depends on the preferred method of preparing the film (most commonly casting from solution or melt-extrusion), although one may also consider compatibility issues with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and desired film properties such as muco-adhesion or rapid dissolution.

Topical application of drugs offers many advantages including the ability to deliver APIs to specific target sites. Topical dosages are comprised of a base, typically an oil or wax along with water, emulsifying agents, rheology modifiers and preservatives. Nutrition & Biosciences offers a variety of products which can provide the desired consistency, and, in some, cases help stabilize ingredients against settling over time.

Our products can be found in a myriad of drug formulations, dosage forms, and pharmaceutical products.

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Product Recommendations*


Recommended Products

Solution Casting of Thin Films

Melt-Extrusion of Thin Films

Muco-adhesive films

Rheology modification

Moisture retention

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of recommended products or benefits.


Application Areas

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Other Dosage Forms

Plant-based ingredients to formulate solid oral dosage forms in an array of capsule sizes.
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Liquid oral solutions for improved patient experience and compliance with superior taste masking and swallowing properties.
Deliver miniature doses with massive performance in a variety of release profiles and unique drug form combinations.

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