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We enable solutions for all your oral dosage requirements 

About two-thirds of all medications are dispensed as oral solid dosage forms (OSDFs), and half of these OSDFs are tablets. Nutrition & Biosciences pioneered several excipients used in the formulation of tablets, and today 1 of every 3 tablets produced contain our ingredients.

While they look simple and elegant, tablets are complex API pharma formulations that need excipients to serve various functionalities:

  • Binders/Compression aid
  • Disintegrants/Superdisintegrants
  • Rate modifying polymers
  • Lubricants
  • Anti-adherents/Glidants
  • Wetting/Surface active agents
  • Colors/Pigments
  • Flavors/Sweeteners
  • Taste-Masking agents

Our broad and unique portfolio provides all those attributes. As the first supplier to ever develop leading tablet excipients, we’ve honed a deep experience over decades to ensure your tablet formulations in the OSD process are successful. The choice of excipients depends on the API, the tablet type, the desired release profile, and the manufacturing process.

  • In immediate release, the drug needs to dissolve in a very short time; specific functional tablets could include chewable, orally disintegrated, sublingual or buccal tablets.
  • Modified release takes place over a longer period to reduce drug side effects and improve patient compliance. This includes matrix tablets, osmotic pump tablets, and tablets coated with rate modifying film forming polymers.

Benefits of Tablets:

  • Tablet dosage forms provide accurate, stable dosing with precision and low dose to dose variability.
  • Provide improved API stability with respect to physical, chemical and microbiological attributes.
  • Comparatively low manufacturing cost and can easily manufacture at large scale and production rate  
  • Tablet size and shape can be easily modified to enhance patient identification and compliance
  • Offer variety of added functionality such as chewable tablets, taste masking, and modified release

Here’s how we can deliver the functionality and variety you need for formulation of tablets:

Conventional Tablet Formulation 


Product Recommendation

Binder and compression aid 

Wet binder



Immediate release aesthetic coating

Types of Tablets Based on Drug Release

Tablet Types

Specific Functionality

Product Recommendation

Immediate release

Chewable tablets

Orally disintegrated tablets

Avicel® HFE, Avicel® CE-15

Ac-Di-Sol® SD-711, Ac-Di-Sol® SDW 802


Taste Masking 

ETHOCEL™ STD 4, 7, 10 or 20 PRM, ETHOCEL™ HP

Aquacoat® ECD (Aqueous Coating)

Modified release tablets

Controlled Release Hydrophilic Matrices

METHOCEL™ K100LV, K4M, K15M, K100M, K200M, E4M, E10M (PRM or PRM CR)


POLYOX™ WSR-205, 1105, N12K, N60K, 301, 303, Coagulant 

Protanal® CR8133, CR8223, and Manucol® LKX 

Gelcarin® GP-379, GP-812, and Viscarin® GP-209 

Controlled Release Hydrophobic Matrices


Controlled Release Coating 

ETHOCEL™ STD 4, 7, 10, 20 PRM (Solvent Film Coating) 

ETHOCEL™ HP (Dry Powder Coating) 

Aquacoat® ECD 30 (Aqueous Coating)

Aquacoat® CPD 30 (Delayed Release Aqueous Coating)

Osmotic pump

POLYOX™ N10, N80, WSR Coagulant, WSR-301, WSR-303


Application Areas

We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance.  Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.


For more information, download:

Tablets Overview Handout

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