Global map with locations of DuPont Pharmaceutical laboratories.

Our Labs and Capabilities


With nine application, innovation and R&D centers around the world, we’re able to mirror the challenges you face in achieving robust formulations and get to work on solving them. We continue investing and improving as the industry evolves, and our competencies, honed over 300 years, ensure we can find just the right answer for you.  We’re here to tackle the toughest tasks—we’ve never met one we didn’t like. 


Our Labs: We Offer What Very Few Can

With our facilities, we can leverage our fundamental chemistry knowledge into a multitude of pharmaceutical applications. Our ability to perform rapid R&D prototyping, market development scale-up, and our analytical capabilities can support in developing just the right, quality formulation for you.

Polymer Synthesis Labs: From pressurized synthesis to downstream processing to characterization, these labs allow us to design the polymer chain most suited for your application.

Rheological Labs: These facilities allow us not only to measure the rheological performance, but also to characterize the physicochemical properties of the formulation.

Analytical Labs: We have a global network of laboratories with advanced analytical instrumentation to deliver high quality excipients from our plants.  We leverage these capabilities to ensure our manufacturing quality analytics meet the needs of our customers and to develop improved excipient products to meet future needs. Learn more from one of our experts on how we put our labs and capabilities to work for you.

Market Development Production Plant: When it comes time for scale up, we translate from the lab to pilot plant to full scale manufacturing in order to improve or enhance our products. In addition, we can produce customized products for customers as they prepare them for commercialization or look to improve existing formulations.


Our Capabilities: Customizing Our Expertise to Help You Thrive

Chemical polymers illustration

Polymer Chemistry:​ We have a broad and unique portfolio that we can carefully modify based on individual customer needs—approximately 40% of the METHOCEL™ HPMC we produce is specialized​ for an individual customer’s need.

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Application Knowledge and Expertise: ​We understand and provide custom specifications to customers (viscosity, substitution, moisture, particle size distribution, and others) to improve formulation robustness and troubleshoot any challenges across the many applications within the pharmaceutical industry​. We’re passionate about providing a reliable product and avoiding any potential formulation instabilities.  We continuously work to fine-tune product performance while optimizing the manufacturing process.

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Material Science: ​We understand the fundamentals of polymer chemistry and physio-chemical properties as they relate to pharmaceutical formulation and dosage forms. Our ability to manipulate critical material attributes such as particle size or morphology or substitution delivers exceptional processability, and robust performance such as drug release rates and dosage uniformity.

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Manufacturing Technologies: Our process-product translational knowledge ensures we understand how our manufacturing steps need to be controlled to impact product performance.  And we’re employing advanced digital analytics to use thousands of data points daily to optimize our processes, improving our quality and process understanding, to reliably supply our customers. 

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