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Our Obsession to Help You Succeed


Each day, hundreds of our technical minds come to work excited to tackle your biggest worries and provide the right answers for you. This team is the brains behind 300 years of cellulosics expertise, which we pioneered as excipients for pharmaceuticals and have consistently tailored to deliver unique functionality and reliable service for our customers. But we don’t stop there. We offer a broad and unique portfolio, and our expertise allows us to harness the variability of many natural materials to produce the exceptional results you need.


The Cellulosics Crown Jewels Backed by the Pioneer Players: Cellulosics are one of the most versatile excipients in the market.  But they need to be backed by strong expertise to tailor their attributes for customer formulations. Consistency of these material attributes has always been crucial but now is even more important as the industry trends toward processes like continuous manufacturing. While our METHOCEL™ HPMC and Avicel® microcrystalline cellulose are widely recognized names in the marketplace, it’s the people behind them that make this naturally variable polymer deliver consistent and exceptional performance.

In the webinar below, our experts discuss how the critical material attributes of cellulosic correlate to formulation performance and how customized grades can be used to solve common problems related to immediate– and modified–release formulations.

Harvesting Nature to Deliver the Incredible: Beyond ingredients like microcrystalline cellulose, we have deep expertise controlling the properties of other natural ingredients like seaweed to offer advantages across interesting applications. For instance, alginates, derived from brown seaweed, can offer exceptional gel strength, and our experts have developed precise methods and reliable data that ensure this natural raw material delivers stable formulations.


Opening Opportunities in Productivity Enhancement: Saving costs and becoming more efficient will forever be a goal in our world and our industry. Our process expertise ensures our portfolio offers those advantages to make you more flexible. We were a trendsetter in helping transition the industry from granulation to direct compression, a more efficient manufacturing method that can use microcrystalline cellulose in tablets. We’re able to troubleshoot issues you encounter in direct compression and now we’re showcasing how our portfolio—even beyond cellulosics—can make direct compression tablets a more efficient and cost-effective reality.

Expertise for now and beyond: With decades of experience in traditional pharmaceuticals, we know the market well.  But we also understand that it will continue to evolve.  Today seven of the 10 leading blockbuster drugs on the market are in biologics and we’re extensively researching how our excipient expertise can add value to this burgeoning space.  For instance, current stabilizing technologies in these formulations aren’t optimal, so we’ve devised an option that delivers both cost and performance benefits over the incumbent. 

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