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Working Together to Develop a Quality Culture


Quality is, arguably, the most important attribute of products in the pharmaceutical industry.  Each ingredient in medications and treatments must be scrutinized and delivered consistently according to the utmost in quality and compliance standards.

Our decades of experience in pharmaceutical excipients enable us to produce consistent, uniform products, and the attributes are tightly controlled to provide reproducible performance and quality assurance for you.

  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Tight processing controls
  • Exceptional quality standards
  • Strict adherence to validated processing protocols

Because quality assurance is so vitally important to our customers, we’re continuing to make enhancements to how we conduct business to better meet your needs.  Through our Big Q or Quality Culture initiative, we’re elevating our quality focus beyond manufacturing and research and development, to encompass all aspects of our organization and develop a quality culture. We ask customers how we’re doing across the board. When we ask that question, a variety of opportunities arise for us to improve across Nutrition & Biosciences cross-functionally.

Big Q focuses on:

  • Data Integrity
  • Customer Centricity
  • Near-Miss Reporting

Learn more about Big Q in this piece with Quality Director, Kieran O’Dwyer.

Big Q Podcast from CPhI Worldwide 2020 - Ensuring Reliable Quality in Excipient Products 

More Information:

Big Q Whitepaper

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