Because Know-How Matters

Our active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), multi-functional excipients and nutraceuticals help users live healthier and more comfortable lives.

How We Can Help

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We offer a broad portfolio of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) enabling materials for a range of pharmaceutical applications. These materials can help manage product life cycles, overcome the challenges of difficult to formulate APIs, and streamline production. We support both your top line growth and your bottom line savings. 

Nutraceutical Ingredients

With our significant knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of tablets and capsules in both Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications, combined with strong clinical evidence of health benefits and safety, we can guide you in realizing the opportunity of this rapidly developing segment.

Pharmaceutical Excipients

With our multi-functional excipients and technical expertise, we can help create efficiencies, improve formulation and delivery flexibility, and support cost containment. We offer a multitude of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, liquids and topical applications.

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