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Our multi-functional excipients help users live healthier and more comfortable lives.


With our multi-functional excipients and technical know-how, we can help create efficiencies, improve formulation and deliver flexibility, and support cost containment. We offer application expertise across a multitude of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, liquids and topicals.


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  • Abuse Deterrence

Dow’s excipients for drug abuse deterrence applications provide tamper resistant properties.

  • API Stability

Dow offers solutions to protect APIs from environmental conditions and increase the stability of a drug’s long-term quality, efficacy and safety

  • Capsules

Utilizing a novel patented process (alginate) this technology provides a unique seamless, enteric, vegetarian alternative to gelatin soft capsules in one unit process for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

  • Dental Applications

Alginate-based impressions are attractive as orthodontic study models for a variety of reasons. These are fast setting at room temperature, easy to prepare, and very cost effective.

  • Coating

Dow’s excipients for the enteric coating of pharmaceutical tablets.

  • Enteric Drug Delivery

An enteric coating resists disintegration in the low pH of the stomach and is dissolved in the neutral pH environment of the intestine

  • Immediate Release - Liquids and Suspensions

Suspensions are pharmaceutically stable dispersions of an insoluble or sparingly-soluble drug in a liquid vehicle, usually an aqueous solution. They can be ready-to-use or reconstitutable, where the drug is mixed with other ingredients in the dry state and reconstituted with water at the time of dispensing to the patient.

  • Immediate Release Tablets

Use of Avicel® DG dramatically increases tablet hardness, improves yields and provides good flow and a robust ribbon during the initial compaction phase

  • Modified Release

Dow’s excipients for controlled or modified release tablet and capsule formulations.

  • Nasal Delivery

Dow’s excipients for the nasal administration of pharmaceuticals.

  • Organoleptic Enhancements

Chewable tablets as a dosage form are growing in popularity. Palatable chewable tablets offer convenience for customers, broaden the applicability of formulations to pediatric or geriatric markets, and increase patient compliance

  • Rheology Modifier

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  • Solubility Enhancement

Dow’s portfolio of solubility enhancing excipients for drug compounds with low aqueous solubility.

  • Tablet Coating

Dow’s excipients for film tablet coatings are tough, printable, economical and highly consistent.

  • Taste-Masking

Dow’s excipients for taste masking applications in the oral drug delivery of tablets.

  • Topical Preparations

Topical formulations enable local delivery of a drug to a specific site of action without systemic exposure and may be creams, gels, or sprays.
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