Because Know-How Matters


Our multi-functional excipients help users live healthier and more comfortable lives.


With our multi-functional excipients and technical know-how, we can help create efficiencies, improve formulation and deliver flexibility, and support cost containment. We offer application expertise across a multitude of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, liquids and topicals.


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  • Solubility Enhancement

Pharma Solutions offers high-performing and quality ingredients to improve solubility and dissolution for poorly water-soluble drugs.

  • Direct Compression

Pharma Solutions direct compression method for tablet formulations offer manufacturers an efficient and streamlined process.

  • Extended Release

Pharma Solutions delivers superior ingredients, technology solutions and formulation expertise to support the development of extended release drugs.

  • Coatings

Pharma Solutions provides quality ingredients for film coated tablets, to improve patient compliance and maintain the dosage form’s mechanical integrity.

  • Granulation

Pharma Solutions delivers superior ingredients, solutions and expertise to support granulation processes.

  • Other Applications

Using our expertise to deliver results across interesting applications
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