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Using our expertise to deliver results across interesting applications

Each day, hundreds of our technical minds come to work at Nutrition & Biosciences eager to tackle your toughest pharmaceutical challenges. Armed with a broad and powerful portfolio and deep polymer expertise, we harness the unique properties of many natural materials to produce the exceptional results you need across many interesting applications. Here’s a sample of what else we can help you with:

  • ABUSE DETERRENCE: Over the past decade, the abuse of prescription opioid drugs became a national health crisis in the United States. Pharmaceutical companies, the Food and Drug Administration, and other government agencies are confronting opioid abuse by developing and commercializing various abuse-deterrent drug delivery technologies.
    Nutrition & Biosciences offers POLYOX™, a high-molecular-weight polyethylene oxide with unique thermoplasticity and gelling behavior that makes tablets extra hard to crush and forms highly viscous solutions which are difficult to syringe.
  • ANTI-REFLUX: GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease/acid reflux disease) is a digestive disorder that develops from continuous exposure of the esophagus to acidic reflux from the stomach. The reflux of gastric acid leads to irritation, inflammation of esophageal linings, and many further complications.
    Our Protanal® alginate line is derived from seaweed and can help prevent acid reflux by forming a physical barrier in the form of a floating gel or raft on top of the stomach contents, preventing the acid from coming back into the esophagus. Nutrition & Biosciences can help customize the process and raw materials to ensure an optimal and functional formulation.
  • DENTAL: Alginate-based impressions are attractive as orthodontic study models for a variety of reasons. These are fast setting at room temperature, easy to prepare, and very cost effective.
    Protanal alginates are high in guluronic acid and provide high gel strength impressions, unlike competitive versions high in mannuronic acid content that result in a softer or “pudding like” texture. Our product line forms cross-linked gels in situ with the addition of calcium and our expertise can help you fine-tune to your desired performance.
  • MICROENCAPSULATION: For more on our expertise in this application, please visit
  • NASAL: Nasal drug delivery has been in use for many years, primarily for the delivery of small molecules for use in respiratory and allergic rhinitis and as an alternative route of administration.
    Our Colloidal Avicel (co-processed MCC and Na CMC) and METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers have unique capabilities to control solution viscosity, direct drug spray pattern and retain drug on the mucosa to allow for permeation. POLYOX™ resins offers several important properties for mucoadhesion, including water solubility, hydrophilicity, high molecular weight, hydrogen bonding functionality, and good biocompatibility. Their long linear chain structure helps them to form a strong interpenetrating network with mucus.

We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance. Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.

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Pharma Solutions offers high-performing and quality ingredients to improve solubility and dissolution for poorly water-soluble drugs.

Pharma Solutions direct compression method for tablet formulations offer manufacturers an efficient and streamlined process.

Pharma Solutions delivers superior ingredients, technology solutions and formulation expertise to support the development of extended release drugs.

Pharma Solutions provides quality ingredients for film coated tablets, to improve patient compliance and maintain the dosage form’s mechanical integrity.

Pharma Solutions delivers superior ingredients, solutions and expertise to support granulation processes.
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