API Stability

Some active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are sensitive to the effects of heat, light and oxygen. DuPont offers solutions to protect APIs from environmental conditions and increase the stability of the ingredients in liquid suspensions to guarantee a drug’s long-term quality, efficacy and safety.

Solutions for API Stability:

METHOCEL™ POLYMERS – These can be used as thickeners, binders, film-formers and for water-retention in a number of pharmaceutical applications. METHOCEL™ products increase the stability of liquid suspensions

AMBERLITE™ - Liquid suspensions such as antibiotics, insulin and vaccines are produced through a series of separation and purification steps. AMBERLITE™ resins can enable high performance purification and separation operations. By creating a stable amorphous form, AMBERLITE™ resins can also prevent polymorphism which occurs when drugs change from one crystalline or amorphous form to another.

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