Enteric Coating

Acid sensitive drugs designed for intestine targeting could be disintegrated by stomach acid and severely upset the stomach if the drug is released.

ENTERACT™ HPMCAS polymers provide flexible coatings for enteric delivery of sensitive drugs.

Solutions for Enteric Coating:

ENTERACT™ HPMCAS polymers provide flexible coatings for enteric delivery that resist disintegration in the stomach.

A reliable commercial option, ENTERACT™ HPMCAS enteric coatings can provide the following advantages compared to leading alternatives: less reactivity with select active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), less tackiness of applied coatings, more flexible and efficient coatings and more coating vehicle options.

ENTERACT™ HPMCAS is available in fine grades for aqueous coating and granular for solvent-based coating of multi-particulates, tablets and capsules.

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