Rheology Modifiers

Rheology modifiers (thickeners) are crucial in the formulation of both liquid and semi-solid formulations as they affect the stability and flow properties of the dosage form.

METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers are effective thickening agents with the ability to improve emulsion stabilities in topical liquid pharmaceuticals. Whenever viscosity control, suspension stabilization, water absorption or water retention is required, WALOCEL™ C polymers are an excellent choice.

Solutions for Rheology Modifiers:

METHOCEL™ products are used in topical liquid pharmaceuticals because they are excellent thickeners (rheology modifiers), improve emulsion stability, suspend solids, lubricate and retain moisture. The protective colloid action and emulsifying properties of METHOCEL™ benefit many semi-solid formulations. METHOCEL™ can also contribute to film-forming and secondary-thickening properties which improve after-feel and other sensory characteristics in creams and lotions.

WALOCEL™ C polymers can control the rheological (flow) properties in a variety of liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. They offer viscosity control, water absorption or water retention.

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