Tablet Coating

Tablet coating serves a number of purposes that are useful for improving the desired properties of the end-use product, such as protection, ease of swallowing, modified release and taste-masking.

Enabling Technologies

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers form strong films with good adhesion, leading to clear, sharp coatings that are nonionic and compatible with dyes and pigments. They are excellent surfaces for printing and to ease swallowing.

Low-viscosity WALOCEL™ C grades, available as powder and granular grades, offer highly transparent solutions, which makes these grades ideal for tablet coatings.

Water-insoluble ETHOCEL™ ethyl cellulose polymers form strong films with good adhesion. ETHOCEL™ films offer versatility in drug release rates and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates in most commonly used pharmaceutical processes.

ENTERACT™ HPMCAS polymers offer flexible coatings for enteric delivery that resist disintegration in the stomach and enteric coatings feature low reactivity, low tack and can be efficiently applied.

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