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Thanks for decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, DuPont has a proven track record working with customers around the globe to successfully develop innovative, reliable and approved functional excipients to help patients live healthier and more comfortable lives. In doing so we can help our customers enhance efficiencies, improve formulation and delivery flexibility as well as support cost containment.

Our multi-functional excipients help address your delivery challenges in a multitude of dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, liquids and topical applications.


  • Ac-Di-Sol®

Croscarmellose sodium as a disintegrating agent, is widely used in tablets, capsules, granules and other fast release preparations. Due to its excellent water absorption and rapid expansion characteristics, the product can show stable disintegration performance.


Solubility Enhancement. Polymers that address the solubilization performance requirements of a wide variety of poorly soluble APIs including solutions designed for spray drying and hot melt extrusion.

  • Alubra®

Unique Functionality for a Broad Range of Applications


Versatile ion exchange resin used as an API in Hyperkalemia solution and as a formulation excipient in a variety of pharma applications by A versatile ion exchange resin used as an API in Hyperkalemia formulations and as an excipient in a variety of pharma applications.

  • Aquacoat®

Aquacoat® is a novel coating system that enables aqueous presentation of water-insoluble polymers.

  • Alginates: Protanal®, Manucol®, Protacid®

Alginates are a family of naturally occurring polysaccharides extracted from brown seaweed used by the pharmaceutical industry for specific gelling, thickening, anti-reflux active ingredient and stabilizing applications.

  • Avicel®

Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) suspension aids and tablet binders.

  • Co-Processed Avicel®

Avicel RC/CL dispersible celluloses are used in pharmaceutical suspensions, emulsions, nasal sprays, and creams.


Ethylcellulose polymer of choice in multi-particulates and many other pharma applications.

  • Carrageenan: Gelcarin®, Viscarin®

Carrageenan for controlled release matrix formers, suspension aids.


METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers are versatile water-soluble polymers suitable for a number of pharmaceutical applications.


Water-soluble poly (ethylene oxide) resins. Highly swellable water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) resins that allow unique drug delivery solutions for controlled release systems, abuse deterrence, osmotic systems, mucosal bioadhesives and more.

  • SeaGel®

Patented technology, developed using our unique knowledge of seaweed science, enables licensees to in house manufacture carageenan based soft capsules, using existing soft capsule equipment. SeaGel® capsules have unique elegance and thermal stability properties.


Highly purified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose WALOCEL™ C excipients help control the rheological (flow) properties in a variety of liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. They are particularly useful in tablet coating and as rheology modifiers.

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