The superior disintegrant

Ac-Di-Sol® Croscarmellose Sodium is one of Nutrition & Biosciences flagship offerings for pharmaceutical manufacturers. An internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (NaCMC), it aids in the disintegration and drug dissolution of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement tablets, capsules, and granules.


Faster disintegration, at lower use levels, with better purity

Ac-Di-Sol® is the industry’s leading super disintegrant and yet another example of our drive to continue delivering the best for our customers.  Data generated in 2020 shows this insoluble and hydrophilic polymer surpasses the competition in the following areas:

  • Superior Performance: Ac-Di-Sol® provides excellent water uptake and rapid swelling properties, resulting in a faster disintegration and dissolution than competitors, and at lower use levels (1-2%).
  • Broad Functionality: Ac-Di-Sol® can be utilized in a variety of processes, including direct compression, dry and wet granulation, and continuous manufacture processes. It works across dosage forms: from tablets to capsules to granules and more.
  • Purity: Ac-Di-Sol® exhibits consistent critical material attributes such as fibrous morphology, low moisture content, low impurities and low water-soluble content, resulting in robust and reliable performance.
Product recommendations, applications, benefits of Ac-Di-Sol.

Key Applications:

  • Tablets
  • Oral Disintegrating Tablets

The application possibilities are endless. We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance.  Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.

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