Alginates: Protanal®, Manucol®, Protacid® and More

Unique functionality for a broad range of pharmaceutical applications


Alginates are natural hydrocolloids extracted from sustainably harvested seaweed.  Chemically, alginates are formed from polysaccharides with building blocks comprised of salts of mannuronic and guluronic acid. The proportion, distribution, and length of these blocks determine the chemical and physical properties of the alginate molecules.

Alginate drug delivery harnesses the unique properties of seaweed for premier performance in multiple pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications; they impart viscosity in solutions and even form a three-dimensional gel in the presence of calcium ions. This unique functionality can be used in a diversity of applications such as controlled release dosage forms, enteric coatings, microencapsulation and stabilization in solutions and suspensions. Alginates also function as actives in some anti-reflux products.

Reliability through decades of experience

We have years of experience in harvesting seaweed to maximize yield and ensure batch-to-batch consistency. Our alginates are harvested from brown seaweed off the Norwegian coast, using sustainable techniques to allow for robust seaweed regrowth.

Using our expertise in controlling naturally derived materials, we can deliver you consistent performance for your applications:

  • Cold / hot water solubility
  • Viscosity and gelation (wide range of viscosities and gel strengths available)
  • Gelation with Ca source (no need for heat treatment i.e. cold-gelling)
  • Rheology modification
  • Suspending agent
  • Water binding, high water retention efficiency
  • Film forming
  • Powerful at low concentrations
Product recommendations and applications of alginates in Protanal, Manucol and Protacid.

Key Applications:


Did you know that Alginates from Pharma Solutions are an excellent choice for consistent performance in a variety of applications? From anti-reflux to biomedical implants, alginates are uniquely suited for a wide range of applications. Nutrition & Biosciences has decades of experience controlling these naturally derived materials, which means you can count on consistent performance, every time. This short video summarizes the value proposition of our Alginates - Protanal®, Manucol® & Protacid®.

The application possibilities are endless. We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance.  Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.


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