The renowned binder for tablets


Avicel® microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is a purified, partially depolymerized alphacellulose excipient made by acid hydrolysis of specialty wood pulp.

For nearly 60 years, Avicel® has exceeded the performance of common pill binders by pushing the boundaries of science in tablet binding, leading to a premier product supported by true experts in the field. Today, Avicel® is produced in state of the art, GMP qualified facilities located in the US and Europe with rigid quality control and robust, flexible supply chains.


Multiple functionalities in one product

Avicel® PH MCC is most often used in tableting as a compression aid, flow aid, and filler for directly compressed tablets. Avicel® PH is an ideal wet granulation binder which rapidly produces robust granules that remain stable in high shear environments, enabling broad processing windows and maximizing batch to batch reproducibility.

With the development of differentiated grades, Avicel® PH remains an indispensable pharmaceutical formulation tool, with versatile functionality:

  • Improved powder flow
  • Broad wet granulation processing windows
  • Optimum granule properties
  • Ideal tablet compactibility
  • Uniform tablet content
  • Increased batch size
  • Reduced moisture related API degradation  
Product recommendations, applications, and features of Avicel in pharmaceuticals.

Key Applications

  • Direct Compression Tableting
  • Granulation
  • Extrusion and Spheronization

The application possibilities are endless. We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance.  Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.


Did you know that with the development of differentiated grades, Avicel® remains an indispensable formulation tool, boosting productivity and meeting tough formulation challenges. This short video summarizes the value proposition of our Avicel® - A versatile excipient addressing your critical formulation needs.


To read more about the product, download

Avicel® Product Selection Guide

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