An excellent choice for modified release

ETHOCEL™ premium ethylcellulose resins are water-insoluble polymers. They are soluble in a wide range of organic solvents, beginning with aliphatic alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol, and are compatible with most other familiar organic solvent chemistries, including ether alcohols, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and many more.

Beyond barrier membrane coatings

As a water insoluble film-forming material, ETHOCEL™ polymers are useful for taste masking pharmaceutical active ingredients in addition to forming controlled release coatings for multiparticulates or providing an additional moisture barrier for water sensitive ingredients.  

ETHOCEL™ polymers also have excellent thermoplastic properties and are capable of being melt extruded into various forms. Fine powder (FP) grades of ETHOCEL™ can be compressed to form hydrophilic matrix tablets for oral controlled release with a non-gel forming mechanism which provides an alternative drug release profile as compared to traditional alternatives.


Did you know that ETHOCEL™ Premium Polymers are an excellent choice for a variety of formulation needs? Available in many viscosity grades with high purity, this range of water-insoluble polymers is essentially tasteless, colorless, odorless, and very inert physiologically. This short video summarizes the value proposition of ETHOCEL™ Premium Ethylcellulose Resins.

Product recommendations for ethyl cellulose pharmaceutical use.

Key Applications:

  • Direct Compression Tableting
  • Granulation
  • Hot-Melt Extrusion

The application possibilities are endless. We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance.  Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.

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