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GRINDSTED® Xanthan Gum is a naturally fermented product of carbohydrates and is applied in various liquid, semi-solid and solid pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Application in pharmaceutical formulations

GRINDSTED® Xanthan Gum readily dissolves in water under ambient conditions without the need of special high-shear equipment. As one of the most robust and efficient excipients, it tolerates high salt content, high temperature and is stable in a wide pH range. Low use levels of GRINDSTED® Xanthan Gum are sufficient to provide desired viscosities and textures. At the same time, its pronounced shear-thinning behavior enables handling of even highly viscous solutions. 


Key Benefits

  • Suspending agent for solids and oil droplets
  • Effective emulsion and foam stabilization
  • Low use level required (0.05-1%)
  • High viscosity at low concentration with pronounced shear-thinning behavior
  • Anti-syneresis effect
  • Stable in both acidic and alkaline solutions (approximate pH window 2-12)
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Compatible with solutions containing high concentrations of various salts

Product Recommendations*

Recommended grades

Particle size



GRINDSTED® Xanthan 200 PRM Plus

Fine powder

Tablets, Lozenges

Fast hydration and swelling for controlled API release, good compressibility for tablets

GRINDSTED® Xanthan 80 PRM Plus

Coarse Powder

Suspensions, Solutions, Syrups, Creams and Ointments

Suspension stabilizer, thickener, improved texture and sensory properties

GRINDSTED® Xanthan Clear 80 PRM

Coarse Powder (Clear grade)


Transparent solutions, thickener, improved texture and sensory properties



Suspensions, Solutions, Syrups, Creams and Ointments

Improved flow behavior of the solid, good dispersion in water

*Examples only and not representative of a complete list of recommended products or benefits.


The application possibilities are endless. We want to help you be successful in whatever application you are considering, so please contact us if you need more assistance. Our experts are eager to tackle your challenges.


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