Resins That Allow Distinctive Drug Delivery Solutions


What is it?

POLYOX™ resins are nonionic poly (ethylene oxide) polymers. They are white to off-white, free-flowing hydrophilic powders supplied in a wide variety of viscosity grades corresponding to approximate molecular weight, ranging from 100,000 to 7,000,000 daltons. POLYOX™ polymers possess thermoplastic properties, are fast-hydrating and very quickly form hydrogels. They are essentially tasteless, colorless, nonionic and non-caloric. Their unusual combination of properties makes them useful in a surprisingly broad array of pharmaceutical formulations such as controlled release formulations, tablet binding and mucosal bioadhesives.


  • High solubility in water and polar solvents
  • Very fast hydration, rapid swelling and hydrogel formation
  • Molecular weights ranging from 100,000 to 7,000,000 daltons
  • Hydrogen bonding functionality and good biocompatibility
  • Thermoplastic polymer with low melting point of ~ 65°C
  • Does not show a strong pH response due to their nonionic nature
  • Tasteless, colorless, nonionic and non-caloric

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