Safe and Versatile Ion Exchange Resins for Breakthrough Formulations

What is it?

Ion Exchange Resins are polymers capable of exchanging ions with a solution that is passed through them. In pharmaceutical applications, this functionality can be used to create more powerful, functional excipients with a direct impact on the availability of a drug.

Our ion  exchange  resins  are  well-known  and  globally  recognized  excipients  as  well  as  APIs  with  a  long  history  of  safe  use.  Our portfolio  of  resins  encompasses  AMBERLITE™ IRP69  (Sodium  Polystyrene  Sulfonate),  AMBERLITE™ IRP64 (Polacrilex  Resin),  AMBERLITE™ RP88  (Polacrilin  Potassium)  and  DUOLITE™ A143  (Cholestyramine  Resin).